Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has questioned Prime Minister Modi

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has questioned Prime Minister Modi silence over Jammu and Kashmir. cop Davinder Singh starer links Rahul Gandhi has tweeted they speak the vendor Singh sheltered three terrorists with India’s blood on their hands at his home and was caught spreading them to Delhi. he must be tried by a fast-track Court within six months and if guilty given the harshest possible sentence for treason. he also asked why are Prime Minister and Home Minister silent on the wind.

all right the vendor saying remember has been despair has been suspended from service. we have also been told that his gallantry medal has been taken back and now investigations are on to in fact to. go back even to the Parliament attack of 2001 if this man had any link to the Parliament attack as well.

Rahul Gandhi

now more revelations tumbled out of the investigation of DSP Davinder Singh the. interrogation has revealed they’ve been there had visited Chandigarh in June. last year along with his book which I had the interest he had been squatted. three is Volterra’s up to Patong quote agencies are getting him to find out the

motives behind his Chandigarh visit meanwhile sources have told. a full location map of Srinagar base 15 core of the Army has been recovered. his residence in Srinagar security agencies fear that his Balu terrorists might have shattered might have shared. the map with their handlers sitting in Pakistan the German Kashmiri administration has stripped them.

their saying of state gallantry award their government has ordered for Fisher of Sheri Kashmir Police. Medal for his disloyalty and bringing the distribute to the police forces agar-agar he got. Namie Amuro bus paid for Nandita he goes man cannot I hear me laughter no Chris Aveda cosmic challenge on you today. mushiya sarahbooth Nicola wallah oh yeah big police Nakata che got now a a Bo Selecta to me electric eel of may of Nepalese Ruby actually take action you

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