Proposal: A Truly Multi-Modal Rockville Pike

pikeplanscreenshotRockville’s Mayor and Council has been studying the Planning Commission’s draft Rockville Pike Plan for months, and we have heard testimony from dozens of interested citizens and landowners on how we might best approach the corridor’s future.

By and large, I have been pleased with the Planning Commission’s vision for the future of the Pike. But I have had a concern from the start.  I was not able to fully articulate it before our months-long study of the draft Plan; I can now do so.  It is in the Plan’s insufficient embrace of multi-modal transportation.  While the cross-section proposed by the Planning Commission includes dedicated lanes for mass transit,  local lanes to improve vehicular flow, excellent bike lanes, and much-improved sidewalks, the Plan’s overall vision of possible modes of transportation is too cramped.

Today, I am proposing an alternative cross-section for the careful consideration of the public, the Planning Commission, and my colleagues on the Mayor and Council.  Details may be found here: Pike Plan – Multimodal Focus.

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