Town Hall Meeting to Discuss License-Plate Privacy

To follow up on the terrific worksession the Mayor and Council held this past Monday night on the privacy issues surrounding automatic license-plate reader data retention, I am convening a town-hall meeting for members of the public to discuss the issue.  The meeting is on Wednesday, March 20, at 7 p.m. in City Hall’s Black-Eyed Susan Room.

Please join me and your fellow citizens as we discuss what the City’s policy should be on retaining the data from these cameras.  Should we continue to keep it forever, building up a vast store of data on the comings and goings of every Rockville resident?  Or should we keep it for a limited amount of time?

Click here to see the video of the worksession.  Click here for the Mayor and Council briefing sheet. Here are terrific rundowns on the issue in The Gazette and Patch, and another nicely informative piece on Patch.